Crowns bridges

Best Crowns bridges Treatment in Gurugram

Crown And Bridges


When a tooth is heavily decayed it is more likely to fracture and lose considerable tooth substance. The greater risk is that a fracture line may go below the margin of the gum which makes restoration more difficult or near impossible. Crowns may be made from several different materials, zirconia and ceramic being the most common types

Best Crowns bridges Treatment in Gurugram

Crowns bridges Treatment in Gurugram
Ceramic Or Zirconia Bridges

Zirconium crowns are one of the most recommended types of crowns these days. For those who want an excellent-looking artificial tooth, zirconia crowns offer the best. These crowns are made up of zirconia or zirconium oxide. It is a white powdered metal often referred to as white gold. Individuals who want aesthetic natural-looking artificial teeth for themselves prefer choosing zirconia crowns. It has the ability to be opaque to X-rays or other similar radiations.

Further, zirconia also gives closest whiteness to your teeth than other crown treatments. They do not leave any visible grey lines and reflections when compared to the traditional metal-based ceramic crowns.